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Affinity Integrated Solutions was founded with the understanding that organizations of all shapes and sizes all commonly struggle to minimize the impact of day-to-day business operations in order to accelerate revenue generating activity.

The little things often get in the way of big ideas and that’s where we come in. We help to alleviate the daily pains of doing business so that you may spend less time worrying about small tasks, and focus on the bigger picture.

Impact Through Optimization

Business Process Optimization is the act of taking your current business processes and researching opportunities increase the overall efficiency associated with steps in the process.

Business Process Optimization requires constant process re-evaluation and improvement.  Affinity can assist with all the steps below or we can take over an optimization project that your team may ha e already begun, but does not have the necessary internal resources to complete.

Women Owned Certification

Women Owned is an initiative from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and WEConnect International to create a movement of support for Women Owned businesses. They support female entrepreneurs and those who do business with them by raising awareness for why, where and how to buy Women Owned.

Any storefronts, websites and product labels bearing the Women Owned Logo have been certified as at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women by WBENC in the United States and WEConnect International globally.

Our Method

Our Method
Company Process

Helping you and your teams to operate at optimal efficiency so that you can spend more time on revenue generating actions.

Business Process Analysis

Once the process is mapped, you can begin analyzing the steps to as there could be fairly simple fixes using existing software or service providers to bring about the level of optimization required. At the same time, if your analysis leads you to sourcing new software or services, Affinity can complete the analysis and provide your organization with the best options and associated cost analysis. 

Process Identification

In most cases, you’d usually go for processes that are important for the company and are a profit-driver. In many instances, the cost associated with carrying out the function or delivering the final product, invoice or service, will help isolate the process that should be a high priority for your organization.

Process Mapping

Affinity can assist in mapping out the process to truly pin point potential improvements. This part of the optimization can be very time consuming and it’s where Affinity can definitely become a resource for your organization.


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