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Process Consulting

Affinity offers a variety of business process consulting services tailored to the individual needs of each specific group and division of your organization. We are dedicated to the efficiency of your teams through optimization of strategy, process and operation.

Project-based Consulting Support

  • Strategic Business Process Plans
  • Road mapping/Project Schedule and Milestones
  • Change Management Implementation Support
  • Policy, Procedure, and Communications Support

On-site Current State Assessments

  • Business Goals and Objectives
  • Document Process and associated workflows
  • Identify Cost reduction opportunities and provide ROI for recommended programs

Process Mapping

Affinity can assist in mapping out the process to truly pin point potential improvements. This part of the optimization can be very time consuming and it’s where Affinity can definitely become a resource for your organization.

Staff Augmentation

Affinity will provide you with a single point of contact for all your staff augmentation needs. We will work closely with your HR team in order to create and provide you with a detailed plan based on your current and future needs. Our three step process if simple:

First Step – Understand & Assess:

  • Organizational Needs
  • Business Goal and Objectives
  • Workforcce Management Policies

Second Step – Identify & Align:

  • Current Employees Referrals
  • AIS Open Houses
  • Pipeline of Potential Candidates
  • Interviews
  • Collective Top 3 Selection Review

Third Step – Selection & Onboarding

  • Extend and Negotiate Offer
  • Pre Boarding(Including Background checks)
  • New Hire Training & Coordination

Hospitality Labor Management & Support Services

Affinity has unique knowledge and experience in providing support services in the Hospitality sector.  We understand the impact to your bottom line and company reputation when vehicles are not easily available for your high reservation demand across your marketplace.  Outsourcing this business process to Affinity provides your business with the guarantee that all your car shuttling needs will be met on a consistent basis whether local or multi-city movements are required.


Rental Car companies have the constant demand to ensure that both the airport and local market locations have the cars available to service their clients. 


Affinity can provide ad-hoc staffing to assist during check in or check out high peak days to ensure vehicles make it back to fleet storage or ready lines when needed.

Facility Operations

Affinity will provide the right mix of staff, workflows, and software to prevent bottlenecks in your mail and copy centers that could delay or stop business critical information or customer communications. We will assess your business process needs, provide recommendations, and drive the implementation of your customized mail management solution. As an added value, our assessments always include business continuity plans that will encompass data and all documents that are printed, emailed, mailed or faxed.


Along with true hard cost savings analysis, we can identify opportunities for your departments to initiate efficient processes that will diminish business processes spend allowing for recovery of established budget dollars.

Services Include:

Mail Room Management and Technology

Copy Center Management

Conference Room Management

How can Affinity Integrated Solutions assist your procurement and business operation teams?

AIS can partner as an extension of your procurement team and serve as a neutral resource to better uncover and understand operational behaviors or processes that are driving up operational costs.  AIS will help drive the budget recovery initiatives within identified departments and create actionable commitments that will both benefit that department and organization as a whole.

Many companies are unaware of the exuberant cost associated with outsourcing business processes to large global companies. For these global companies their services or staff are marked up at a corporate, regional, and local level which means that your quoted and contracted services carry three separate overhead charges. These practices further cutting into the true cost savings that can be achieved and maintained within their company.

Business Process Optimization requires constant process re-evaluation and improvement.  Affinity can assist with all the steps below or we can take over an optimization project that your team may ha e already begun, but does not have the necessary internal resources to complete.

Document Management

For many organizations, the need to capture, distribute, process, manage, store and retrieve large amounts of information can be a costly and never ending task.  There are countless projects being created and initiated within companies to try and determine how to best achieve the goal of document management especially when taking into consideration the numerous different applications required by organizational entities to service their clients or complete products. Affinity will serve as an extension of your project team and create a roadmap that will include all facets of your business needs surrounding document management.


We will work with a variety of vendor partners to provide you with the most cost effective and customized project plan, that will save both your company’s IT and Purchasing departments time and revenue. The primary goal of Affinity’s document management team is to  automate and streamline high valued business processes allowing your staff to focus on business critical activities with a new level of efficiency.  We will look for a single application approach to store, manage, and access enterprise wide records and content that will easily integrate into your  existing IT infrastructure.

Delivering Sharp Systems

Equip your office with state-of-the-art document management solutions. We provide the equipment your team needs to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. We provide Sharp laptops, monitors, IT services, printers, collaboration software, routers, networking solutions, cameras, and audiovisual equipment.


We are here to help! Contact us here for anything you need and we will respond as quickly as we can.